Thursday, June 18, 2015

Martin Institute 2015! (Slideshow Included)

    Last week I was honored to present at the Martin Institute Conference 2015: The Heart and Soul of Teaching with my friend Greg Smedley-Warren from The Kindergarten Smorgasboard. This was my first time presenting at a conference and to say that I was nervous would be an understatement. We were told to expect about 30 attendees, but the 50 handouts we prepared were gone in a flash, space filled up, and the highly accommodating micon staff had to Ustream us into another room! This should have been intimidating, but call me crazy, the closer we got to beginning our presentation the more excited and relaxed I became. So, as it turns out, I LOVE presenting and I can't wait for a chance to do it again! This entire experience has just confirmed two basic facts that I have always known: 1. We teachers comprise a POSITIVE, SUPPORTIVE, and ENCOURAGING COMMUNITY. 2. No matter how experienced we are as educators, we all have something to share and we all have something to learn. 

Highlights from #Micon15: 

1. Obviously, presenting on how to Kick Start Your Centers! 

2. Listening to Dave Burgess, the author of Teach Like a Pirate. (If you don't have this book already, go buy it! Dave is down to earth and full of wisdom that is applicable regardless of grade level. Motivating, inspirational read!)

3. Connecting with and listening to so many exemplary teachers.

4. Dinner and drinks with the Davis Academy teachers! Love them!

5. Rocking my awesome new t-shirt that was custom made by A+ Images, Inc.! I was so excited when my shirt arrived in time for the conference. A+ Images is a company that truly loves supporting teachers. They are great with custom orders, class shirts, and also have really great teacher apparel. Be sure to come back and check them out after you download your slides. 

6. BLESSING! You may already know, but I am moving to Nashville this summer where I will be teaching K in a Metro Nashville Public School. I am excited about this new adventure, but leaving my sweet school is painfully difficult. Since the time I began considering a move I have been prayerfully petitioning the Lord to choose a passionate new K teacher for BCA, someone who would love our sweet littles, help them achieve their full potential, and MOST IMPORTANTLY glorify God by helping them know, love, obey and exalt Jesus! Well a teacher at Micon came to my session, heard about BCA for the first time, and decided to look into the school. WOW, God DOES work in the details! One week later and God has provided BCA with a new K teacher. I absolutely adore Callie Nichols and am having a wonderful time teaching summer school with her now! 

    If you were in our Kick Start Your Centers session at Micon15 then I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did. Hopefully it wasn't too painfully obvious that I was new at this! I am so sorry that we did not have enough hand outs prepared (not to mention space), but I am so thankful that so many of you joined us anyway. Ya'll were the highlight of my summer! 

    If you missed the session, or just want to review, click below to access all of our slides!

   And be sure to visit Greg's blog and show him some love! So thankful to have such a sweet friend who inspires courage in me and many others regularly. (He had to drive 3.5 hours just to get to Micon, so seriously, show him some love!)

The Kindergarten Smorgasboard

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Nash Teacher Bash

    Summer is in full swing and I have been BUSY BUSY BUSY...gearing up for conferences, summer program, and my move to Nashville. I am so thankful I was able to take one last weekend and kick back with some of the most inspirational individuals that I have ever met! The teacher blogger community is truly an amazing family and I feel so blessed to be a part of it. Our weekend was all about winding down after the school year and having some FUN together. 

Friday Night - My First Sounds Game! 

I hitched a ride and made a sweet new friend, Elizabeth, The Speech Owl! Turns out she is related to some friends from my hometown. It really is a small world y'all! 

Check out our cool GoNoodle shades! 

Saturday Afternoon - Lunch at Atmalogy 

This delicious meal was catered by Jim and Nick's BBQ  and provided by GoNoodle! Talk about a company that supports and loves teachers!  ESGI also was a presenting sponsor for our event. 

It was so good to reconnect with so many old friends who I got to know at the meet up in French Lick earlier this year. 

I made new friends with the Glyph Girls from my hometown! SMALL WORLD! 

Did I mention there were prizes? There were prizes! AND I won! 

I can't wait to get started reading my new book! Thanks Scholastic

AND I went home with a bag full of goodies from some giving companies that are all about supporting educators! Can't wait to bust out those Scentos markers in the classroom. 

As you can see, we packed the house!

Saturday Night - Dinner, Shopping, and Drinks 

We had dinner at Chuys and I absolutely loved sitting with Erica, Kim, and Lauren and chatting about all things K! After dinner we shopped a bit and headed over to the Opryland Hotel for drinks.
Lots of laughter and fun throughout the night! I must have heard, "Do NOT post that on social media!" a dozen times. 

Sunday Morning - Brunch 

Brunch at Monell's Manor was just other worldly and the service was great! Hate to tell them - teacher bloggers NEVER turn off their cell phones! 

The only negative was saying goodbye! Seriously hope I don't have to wait until Spring to see y'all again!

A BIG THANK YOU to ESGI, GoNoodle, and all of these amazing companies who donated to our meet up! 

AND and EVEN BIGGER THANK YOU TO THE AMAZING HOST AND HOSTESSES for making my weekend extraordinary! I cannot wait to be in Nashville with you all. 

The Kindergarten Smorgasboard

Tuesday, June 2, 2015

June Currently!

Thanks again to Farley for hosting this monthly linky! Visit her blog by clicking the button below! 


I am loving that the Nash Bash Teacher Blogger Meet Up is this weekend! I get to see my online friends, relax, have fun... and PLUS... there are prizes! We are going to a Sounds game, eating, shopping, and exploring Nashville together. 


Yes, it is 1:00 AM here. Yes, I have my fourth ever Pure Barre class in the morning. FACE. PALM. 


If you haven't heard yet, I am leaving Memphis and moving to Nashville this summer. I haven't decided what is more stressful... moving apartments or moving classrooms! YIKES! 

Summer Lovin


Even though moving has me stressed to the MAX, I am SO looking forward to being in Nashville. I'll be in a great city with great people! This packing and unpacking part isn't so great, but the fact that God has blessed me with the a new job and the ability to move is awesome. I am THANKFUL for this stress.

Martin Institute 

I am presenting with my friend, Greg Smedley-Warren, at the Martin Institute this summer. This is my first time presenting and I am very excited to share with other teachers about my math and literacy centers.

Disney World

My dad wanted to plan a family vacation and he asked me where I wanted to go. My answer: MAGIC KINGDOM! This is just additional proof that I belong in Kindergarten! Well, my wish came true and its off to Disney I go... just as soon as I'm done with the move ;)