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Sunday, July 5, 2015

Pool Noodle Literacy and Math Rods FREEBIE

Run! Run! As fast as you can to Dollar Tree! These pool noodle connectors can be turned into all kinds of fun classroom materials, and I'm sure they could be used in any grade. I have been seeing them in Dollar Tree since late May and pondering what fun I could have with them. Then it hit me! Word rods! Beginning sounds, middle sounds, ending sounds! Simple, fun, hands on word changing rods to engage my kinders during literacy centers. 

   But, thats not all! They make excellent math center activities as well! Even SELF CHECKING math centers. 

How To 

All you need are pool noodles (Dollar Tree),  pool noodle connectors (Dollar Tree), scissors (or a knife if you are OCD about having straight cuts), and a sharpie! 

First, cut your pool noodle into three parts. (Pool noodle not pictured, sorry, I accidentally used them all before I took the pic). Next, cut the ends of the connector to shorten it and SAVE the pieces. LASTLY, cut down the connector from one side to the other so that the pool noodle can easily be rotated inside of it. 

Slide the connector onto the pool noodle, use the Sharpie to add the words, addition sentences, etc, and you are all set to go! Wait... what about those extra pieces? We used them with foam letters to create name bracelets, but you could create letter bracelets, number bracelets, sight word bracelets... the possibilities are endless! 

If you don't want to create name bracelets then check out the ideas for using pool noodle pieces that I found on pinterest. Just click on the picture below to download some free recording sheets to use with the pool noodle rods. 

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