Monday, August 31, 2015

5 Fun Facts

      I am linking up with Blog Hoppin' for Teacher Week 2015! Today I'll be sharing 5 fun facts about myself. I'm excited to learn more about my friends, so I'm doing my best to participate... but honest to goodness... I don't really like talking about myself. This feels a little too much like the first day of school... Don't judge! I promise, I'm not nearly as boring as I sound? 

Fact #1 I can't smell!

     This is my go to fact for any "get to know you" activity like this. I have isolated congenital anosmia. That's doctor for... I was born without the sense of smell! I am missing a nerve, so I have never and will never be able to smell anything. I'm not making it up... it is a real thing. 

Fact #2 Hot wings. Mexican food. 

    This is a go to answer when I have to tell about my hobbies... and can't include teaching related items. HELLO... teaching is my hobby people?!?!?! What kind of rule is that??? I'm not sure if hot wings and Mexican food is considered a hobby by most people... but it is a hobby in my book. These are by far my two favorite kinds of food.  If its left up to me to decide where to eat, you can bet your money that I'll be choosing a place that serves either Mexican or hot wings.  Margaritas anyone? (This may be influenced by the lack of smell... I experience taste, but not flavor.) 

Fact #3 I'm a NERD.  

     And I've never been in the closet about it. I play Halo live on a daily basis (and yes, I'm an SR 130), I've read the entire Lord of the Rings series FIVE times, and in my high school days I may have been to midnight premiers of a few different movies... in costume. Not even a little bit shy to admit it.

Fact #4 I'm an outdoors girl.

    I'm a VERY girly girl, but I'm also an outdoors girl. My baby brothers are both amazing climbers and they got me into this a few years ago! I think climbing with them sort of sparked my love for being outside. I'm not very good and I don't do it very often, but when I am climbing... I LOVE it! Something about making it to the top of a climb is exhilarating and empowering for me. I also love hiking and walking on my slack line!  

Fact #5 My favorite thing about Nashville.

     Traffic. HA! Just kidding... that's what I HATE about Nashville. My favorite thing about living in Nashville is being in the same city as my boyfriend, Clinton. I have LOVED getting to spend time with him every week and I am so thankful for the support he gives me, especially with it being back to school time.  I obviously have him on my mind a lot, because he sometimes secretly appears with me in the products I create... Yep that's us "Em and Clint" in my Knock Knock Joke Partner Plays. #tptnerd