Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Sparkle and Shine

Does anyone else feel slammed this week? We take Think Link on Thursday followed by our class party Thursday afternoon  and we have a Christmas program on Friday. Did I mention my kiddos think its Christmas break already? Good thing I got to take a break from work and just enjoy my babies yesterday afternoon! Here's a little tip I just discovered that will hopefully help cut back on your classroom chaos. GLITTER. Yes, glitter. I used to fear it, now its not so bad!
Step 1: Pour glitter on paper plate.
Step 2: Apply STICK glue.
Step 3: Lay paper face down in glitter.
Step 4: Rub. 
And voila! All done! Less mess glitter tactics!

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  1. I finally got up to date on the Liebster award blog! :) I love your blog, btw. :-)