Sunday, December 7, 2014

Monday Made It!

     I know this is so simple, but I am so proud of myself because I came up with the idea for this all by myself! I was just looking at a champagne cork one day and I saw an angel. Wah lah ... an angel ornament, table, or mantel decor! Cheap, simple, and speedy Christmas Craft! 

     Tip: Use glue dots to make sure you get the positioning correct for the halo and the wings. Once you have what you want, add the hot glue to secure it! (In case you are curious, Asti is just another kind of bubbly!) 

I absolutely LOVE this ornament that I made of Deeohgee's pawprint. Note: I had my mom feed her turkey while I pressed her paw into the clay. Probably would not have been very successful without the turkey. 

    I suppose I am cheating, because this is actually the big Christmas ornament craft that I made with my students last year. Oh well, it was adorable and I haven't shared it yet! The students helped make these. We filled PLASTIC ball ornaments with epsom salt and tiny Christmas themed items to create a seek and find ornament for each student's tree. We sealed the top on using hot glue, added ribbon and a tag listing all of the items to find! It was time consuming and pricey, but the kiddos loved it and it makes an absolutely adorable ornament that doubles as an activity! My mother made these same ornaments as gifts for the students in her Kindergarten Sunday School Class last year. She made them ahead of time for the students and hers were a Nativity/ Christian theme!  

Winter / Christmas Center Materials!!!


These easy trees for addition and subtraction are one of my favorite ideas! 

Ways to make 10! 


    Does making it count?!?!? I am busy busy busy working on my new Kindergarten Christmas Math and Literacy Centers. I am getting ready to use these in my classroom this week! I have posted this pack to TPT, but I'm not quite done yet.... so it is just $2 for now! This pack already includes: nouns/verbs, ending sounds, complete the word activities, base 10 for numbers 10-20, counting on, addition, and subtraction. What else do you want to see in this set?!!?!? Hoping to add a few more in the next day or so! 


  1. What a bunch of clever ideas! The paw print ornaments are simply too cute...I can tell you that my cat would NEVER--turkey or not--let me do that! : )

    I'm sure your students will love those ornaments--what a special gift for them!

  2. A cluster of cute ideas here. We've had our dog sign things before with her paw on an ink pad, and I once pushed a lamb's hoof into play dough to make a plaster cast of it... now THAT was an experience... wonder if turkey would have worked for the lamb?? :) See you around. Kathleen
    Kidpeople Classroom