Friday, February 6, 2015

Five for Friday!

      Groundhog's Day! We read my favorite groundhog's day books, made an adorable craft, and played with our own shadows! BOO for six more weeks of winter. 

We had some fun with our new Valentine's Day math and literacy centers! 

Grab this freebie here, then check this post to grab another freebie and see what else we accomplished in centers this week ! 
      Stop the world, I have found the ultimate classroom management tool for my kiddos and it is a book. Not just any book, a chapter book. If you don't have this, you seriously NEED this.

     This ridiculously silly book has chapters that are only 2-5 pages long and perfect for developing listening skills. It is a great book for transitioning from picture books to chapter books. My students think it is the best thing we have ever read. I think I could have read all 124 pages in one sitting and my kids still would have wanted more. We have only been reading for 4 days and we are on page 77. Kids have asked to take it home. Kids have begged to stay inside and read it instead of going to recess. It is now being utilized for classroom management. Excellent behavior and hard work during a lesson earns one chapter.  

        My students have been studying the science, including the scientific method, for the past week and a half. They were extremely excited for their visit from Dr. Nose A. Lott which included a white coat ceremony (during which students received their Doctor of Kinderscience degree), and participation in a science experiment (mentos and coke). These pictures say everything. 

It was really cool seeing these pictures on my phone after school. (Big shout out to my curriculum coach and guidance counselor for helping out with pictures and such today!) It was cool seeing my students from a different view point. They made me proud! 

 Do you see this look? I LOVE THIS! She just received her white coat and doctoral degree in Kinderscience. 

I accidentally goofed and forgot I was out of ink at home. Ended up printing these "diplomas" in black and white on the printer at school. 

    Here are some more pics from when I did this same project a few years ago! 

You can grab these diplomas here: 

You can find some other great science ideas by clicking the link below!

     It is Friday! That says enough. I am heading to Nashville to see my college roommate and my man. Cannot wait! 


  1. What a fun week you had!! I love the groundhog craft and shadows - we did some of those things in my class as well, they loved it! Wayside School is THE best chapter book for young listeners! I am glad I read this post, because that reminds me that I could probably try it with my group now. We just finished up Flat Stanley, which they love as well. Happy Friday to you!

  2. I totally forgot about that book but remember reading it when I was younger! I'll have to get a copy and try it out with my kinders!

    The Land of I Can

  3. Precious! Dr. Nose A. Lott and the Kinderscience degrees! I love it and thank you so much for linking up with me! I have "lab coats" we use in my classes, but it's just a t-shirt I cut in the center! I give my kids name tags that say Dr. _____ and their last name! Hope your trip to Nashville does not include the snow we got yesterday!
    Teachers Are Terrific!

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