Saturday, September 5, 2015

Back to School Blogger Blitz Giveaway!

Let me just say, I LOVE GONOODLE! In case you don't know, GoNoodle is a FREE website that provides teachers with engaging, desk-side brain breaks for their students. Earlier this year, I honestly believed that EVERYONE had GoNoodle... then I found out that one of my team members didn't have it... "Is that where all the kids get that 'Pepsi Cola' song?" (No worries, she has been converted.)


1. It's science.   GoNoodle improves student academic performance. You can read all the science here

2. Classroom management. If improving student performance wasn't enough to convince you, giving students the opportunity to move in the classroom helps them release energy in a positive way.... and without disrupting your well planned lessons. 

3. It improves teacher performance. For me, gonoodle is a chance to breathe. It gives me an opportunity to relax and laugh with my kids. Sometimes, I NEED that to keep going. GoNoodle makes ME a better teacher. 

4. GoNoodle LOVES teachers.  GoNoodle has donated to several teacher blogger meet ups that I have attended. They LOVE teachers and they LOVE students. I've got a giveaway and a discount code at the end of this post that prove it! 


1. Class Incentive. My students can earn a GoNoodle during the day by participating properly in lessons or staying at the appropriate voice levels during centers. 

2. Morning Meeting. I try to give my kinders a chance to GoNoodle at the start of morning meeting everyday. When my lesson starts and my students aren't participating properly,  I can remind them that they already had a turn to dance/hop/etc. and that now is a time to sit quietly, use walking feet, or do whatever my students are expected to be doing at the time.  

3. Lesson Plans. My teammate just wrote two GoNoodle videos into one of our writing lesson plans. We are using them to activate prior knowledge next week! 

4. Indoor Recess. Cold weather, rainy days. It's all good. I just turn on a GoNoodle Indoor Recess and my kids don't even miss the playground! 

5. Kindergarten Graduation. I have a pirate themed classroom, so naturally, Pirate Prep, by the infamous Koo Koo Kangaroo, came to mind for kindergarten graduation last year. It was adorable! BIG THANKS to Koo Koo Kangaroo for allowing us to use their song!!! 

     I'm giving away 25 GoNoodle Activity Books to help you get your little ones excited the new school year! Enter below for a chance to WIN! And, if you don't have GoNoodle, go sign up for a free account!  You can also visit the GoNoodle shop and use the code BTSwithGoNoodle for 15% OFF EVERYTHING! 

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