Friday, January 2, 2015

Jesse Tree in the Classroom

     I'M BAAAACK! Did you miss me? Christmas break has been busier than planned and I have been without WIFI for the past week. NO WIFI?!?!?! How did I survive, right? That being said, I wanted to catch you up on something that dates all the way back to early December. Hopefully you will find it helpful and can keep it in mind for next school year.

     These advent ornaments were our main classroom project for Christmas this year. I decided on this a little late in the game after having heard about the Jesse Tree. The Jesse Tree is an advent celebration that focuses on the lineage of Jesus and connects Old Testament stories to the GOSPEL, enabling children to see the Bible as ONE story, HIS-story! The Jesse tree comes from Isaiah 11:1, "There shall come forth a shoot from the stump of Jesse, and a branch from his roots shall bear fruit." Traditionally, families who celebrate advent this way have one ornament for each day of the advent. Unfortunately,  I was only able to complete 8 advent ornaments with my students this year. I wanted to make sure each student understood the stories behind the ornaments well and could articulate their importance to their families! As you can see, most of the ornaments we completed were very simple and took a minimal amount of class time. We finished with a bang and made this adorable ornament of Jesus laying in the manger!

      The idea for this ornament came from one of my prayer partners, who also donated the materials for that I needed. Here are the materials, in case you are curious:

     Please click on the picture below to view the letter I sent home to parents and an explanation for each of the 8 ornaments that my students created this year! 

Suggested resources to use in your home / classroom as you celebrate advent:


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