Sunday, January 25, 2015

Place Value in Kindergarten

     Last week, my kindergarteners started working on numbers and operations in base 10. Success, success, success! This standard is being mastered. Here is what we have been doing!

     We begin every math class with a GoNoodle brain break followed by an engaging math video. Harry Kindergarten Music has two GREAT videos/songs for teaching the teens to kindergarteners. Numbers in the Teens (They Start with a One) helps with number recognition for numbers 11-19 and Number in the Teens (Have a Group of Ten) is good for helping students understand that numbers 10-19 are composed of ten ones and some extra ones. I added these to my GoNoodle account for easy access.

     After the video, we use our base ten blocks or our ten frames and counters to practice counting. First we count using real number names, "ten, eleven, twelve, thirteen..." Each time I remind them that great mathmaticians do not waste time counting by ones when they can already see that they have ten. After we count using real number names we count the say ten way, "ten, ten one, ten two, ten three, ten four..." I remind the class that ten and one more is eleven so ten one is just another way to say eleven. I would not recommend counting the say ten way if your students have not mastered counting to twenty or have not yet been exposed to teen family numbers.

    We are working on creating these adorable ten frame books in class. Next week, we will create a similar book that uses base ten blocks to demonstrate composing numbers 11-19.

Math Center Activities for Base Ten for numbers 11-19 

Dry Erase Strips 
The books we will make next week will match these dry erase strips! 

Ten Frame Number Puzzles 

Pocket Chart Sort

This activity also includes ordering numbers 10-19. 

Number Mats 
       Grabbed the perfect sized toy cars for these mats from the Dollar Tree! Students also use dry erase markers to practice tracing the numbers! 
It's not too early for Valentine's Day activities, right? 

Click the picture above to find the freebie! 

If you are working on teen family numbers you may find these products helpful. Click on the pictures to find them in my TPT shop:



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