Monday, May 25, 2015

Splish-Splash: It's a Summertime Blog Bash

School is OUT and summer is IN! For me, this usually means I get to do a few of my favorite things.

1. Lazy pool days with my baby dog, sun warmed sour patch kids (best pool snack EVER!) and margaritas!

2. Nail Bar! I live right next door to Memphis's THE WORLD'S BEST nail salon.  

3. Climbing trips with my not-so-baby baby brothers!

4. BEACH! 

This year, things are looking a wee bit different. I'm leaving my school family and home in Memphis and moving to Nashville where I will be teaching K at a public school! Right now, I'm in the middle of packing up my classroom and my apartment. Other things on the schedule this summer:
  1. PD sessions at my new school throughout the summer!
  2. Presenting at the Martin Institute with my friend Greg from Kindergarten Smorgasboard!
  3. Summer school teaching here in Memphis!
  4. Walt Disney World with my family! (MY FAVORITE!)
  5. Hopefully I will also be able to squeeze in a trip to visit family in SC! 

      My students absolutely loved using these write the room activities during our literacy centers as we closed out our school year so I am making my Write the Room in Bloom pack free for a limited time! I have always struggled with students not knowing what words some phonics clip art stands for. Am I alone in this? Well, I finally found a handy trick that supports students and eliminates (or at least cuts back on) the phonics clip art confusion! PTL!!! Anything to foster independence, right? No worries, this is simple.

Before my students begin the write the room activity I place all of the write the room cards in a center tub... along with these simple trace sheets!

1. Students read and trace the words on the trace sheet.
2. Students find the matching card.
3. Students record the number of the matching card inside of the flower.  

If students are successful, the cards move to the walls and the recording sheet changes, transforming the activity into a write the room center. Or you can keep the recording sheet the same, it is up to you! 

      Remember, this is a 26 page pack, and it will become a paid product when the hop ends! (Just like the other freebies featured during this hop.)

    It's give away time and I am giving away my Knock Knock Joke Partner Plays for Kindergarten! These partner plays were a hoot and a definite favorite in my own classroom this year. Just watch the video! 

Did I mention that this product includes three different leveled sets of partner plays?!?!?! Well, it DOES! 

But... thats not all! I've added a BONUS of $3 in A Neighborhood K Cash! That means you can pick an additional product from my TPT shop (for $3 or less) and I will email it to you as well!!

(The gift certificate shown above is just for show, the code ABCDE is not valid. You will have to enter to win for a chance to receive A Neighborhood K TPT Cash! ) 

Ok, this is the best part.... my friends are just as excited as I am to share some fun for-a-limited-time-freebies with you, giveaway some more stuff, and tell you how much they love summer too!! Keep hoppin' from blog to blog until you get back to me!


  1. Thanks for the giveaway....I tried to follow you on google friend connect but I couldn't find it on your page. Thanks!

    1. You can follow me by clicking the Join This Site button directly under the Follow Me tab on the left.

  2. I already own the Knock Knock Jokes and my students absolutely ADORE them! They loved them so much that we did a Kindergarten Komedy Klub day for the other kinder classes to watch. Thank you for making them! I left a rating right after I bought them, but hadn't used them enough yet to really know how awesome they are!
    Daisy Designs

    1. Amanda, Thank you so much for this feedback! I am so glad you have enjoyed using them. I love your Kindergarten Komedy Klub day idea. I am going to try that next year!

  3. The Knock Knock Jokes are such a fantastic idea. What a wonderful way to get the kids to practice their fluency.

  4. OMG i LOVE your blog!! I think it's my favorite design i have EVER come across. I hope the move goes well for you i'm sure it will all be worth it in the end! Your summer sounds so busy but fun, hope you have a good one !! Thank you for a fabulous freebie.

    1. Thank you SO much! The amazing Jena Snowden did my blog design! She is very reasonably priced and a JOY to work with!

  5. Thanks for the freebie- it's great! I absolutely adore your dog, if I put mine in an outfit like that it would be 100 lbs gone wrong =) Thanks!