Tuesday, June 2, 2015

June Currently!

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I am loving that the Nash Bash Teacher Blogger Meet Up is this weekend! I get to see my online friends, relax, have fun... and PLUS... there are prizes! We are going to a Sounds game, eating, shopping, and exploring Nashville together. 


Yes, it is 1:00 AM here. Yes, I have my fourth ever Pure Barre class in the morning. FACE. PALM. 


If you haven't heard yet, I am leaving Memphis and moving to Nashville this summer. I haven't decided what is more stressful... moving apartments or moving classrooms! YIKES! 

Summer Lovin


Even though moving has me stressed to the MAX, I am SO looking forward to being in Nashville. I'll be in a great city with great people! This packing and unpacking part isn't so great, but the fact that God has blessed me with the a new job and the ability to move is awesome. I am THANKFUL for this stress.

Martin Institute 

I am presenting with my friend, Greg Smedley-Warren, at the Martin Institute this summer. This is my first time presenting and I am very excited to share with other teachers about my math and literacy centers.

Disney World

My dad wanted to plan a family vacation and he asked me where I wanted to go. My answer: MAGIC KINGDOM! This is just additional proof that I belong in Kindergarten! Well, my wish came true and its off to Disney I go... just as soon as I'm done with the move ;) 


  1. Oh my! Packing up a classroom and the house in the same summer is PaInFuL! I wish you well in all your boxes and bubble wrap!

  2. It was 12 am as I wrote my post on a school night, so I could totally relate to your face palm moment - ha! We are moving this summer as well, though not very far from the house we are currently in. I hope your move goes smoothly! Have fun at the blogger meetup! We had one awhile back here in my area and it was so fun!

  3. Emily! I love Nashville! I could shop there for forever! We live about 150 miles south and we do fly out of Nashville sometimes to save on airline tickets! We try to come at least once each winter and see a hockey game! Hope your move goes well!
    Teachers Are Terrific!

  4. Oh my!! I would love to be going to Disney! We are planning to take my 2 year old in the next year or two when she is old enough to remember it. It has always been a favorite place for me. I found your blog through the link up! Have a great summer!!
    KinderKids Fun