Monday, August 25, 2014

Emergency Contact Info and Linky!

As you know, I am the only K5 teacher at my school. Y'all I would be so lost if it weren't for my teacher mentor, role model, and BFF, who teaches K4! Momma C is always looking out for me. PRAISE THE LORD! Two years ago she came up with this awesome idea for us to store each student's photo alongside their emergency contact information. This is very helpful for subs who may not know the students names! You can't always rely on 4 year olds to speak up and say who is who at the beginning of the year! Of course, Momma C showed up at school having already secured this photo album for me. I think it came from Dollar Tree or Walmart.... either way its not an expensive buy!

The green floral pages slid right out and I replaced them with some cute pirate covers. 

I added pictures of my students along with the parent contact info. and now I am all set for another school year! You can download these pirate covers, parent contact forms, and a set of generic covers for FREE at my teacherspayteachers store! Check back tomorrow for a chance to Link Up!!!! ;) 

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