Sunday, August 31, 2014

"Um... Miss Peden, I think a man thing just came up on your face!" Letter Mm Fun

     Introducing letter Mm to my students is always one of my favorite days of the school year! While my students are working on their morning work, I sneak over to my desk and apply a fake mustache. I act as if nothing has happened, and it normally takes a minute or two for one of my students to notice.  It is so funny because my kiddos are normally so take aback that they really don't know what to say. I have gotten some great quotes out of this.... "ummmm....Miss Peden, I think a man thing just came up on your face!" I continue acting as if nothing has changed and tell the students to stop being ridiculous and finish their work! This really gets them going... Eventually, I check my face in the mirror and act shocked as to how I suddenly grew a mustache! The kiddos debate all morning, unsure if my mustache is real or fake and very curious as to how it got there. When phonics time has arrived I finally ask students what the first sound in mustache is and proceed to introduce the letter Mm. While students work on their letter Mm handwriting sheets I call individuals over to tell me the name and sound for letter Mm so that they can receive their own mustache. Makes for great scrapbook / end of the year slideshow pics!

I mustache you to tell me the sound for letter Mm!

Of course, we have to read some books to go along with our theme for the day! 

    I think mustache day is definitely one of my students' favorite days of the year too! The mustaches are easy to find at an affordable price. I have purchased them in the past from Target, Old Navy, teacher supply stores, and the Dollar Tree. You should give it a try! Definitely beats our Ll is for licorice activity! Yuck - we did not like the licorice!

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