Monday, August 18, 2014

Hands On Color Words

Last week was THE best first week of school EVER! Seriously yall... my kiddos are SWEET ONES! We have already begun learning to spell our color words so I whipped up some fun little mats for practice. We are learning one color word a week and last week our color word was red. I use the Frog Street Press sing and read big books to introduce one color word a week in addition to our high frequency words. To celebrate the start of a great year, here is a free sample! Just click on the first picture below to download. The full product, Hands On Color Words is available in my TPT store!


1. Taping the mats down to the table can be helpful to your students. It will also solve the problem of cheap laminate causing your papers to curl up! 

2. Make both dry erase markers and toy cars available for the road pages.

3. Give students a choice on what mat they use! 

4. Send your students on a classroom hunt for small objects that match their color word. 

5. I prefer using play foam to play dough. It is usually something new for my kids, it isn't messy, and it doesn't dry out! 

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