Friday, March 6, 2015

Five for Friday - Dr. Seuss Books

     This week we celebrated reading with one of my all time favorite authors, Dr. Seuss. On Monday, we dawned our PJs ALL DAY LONG! Nothing beats not having to get ready in the morning. Can I get an amen, ya'll? We read I'm Not Going to Get Up Today! and Sleepy Dog

    On Monday we also researched Dr. Seuss as a class. I took the advice from the quote I posted from Worksheets Don't Grow Dendrites and asked my students to create the questions for our author study! I recorded their excellent questions on large chart paper, we researched as a class, and I allowed each student to record the answer to their question on the chart paper themselves. Silly me forgot to snap a pic! My favorite question was: "Was he brave?" We decided the answer was yes after we read that Dr. Seuss submitted his first book, And to Think That I Saw it on Mulberry Street, to 27 different publishers before it was approved! 27 TIMES?!?!?!

     After lunch, we read Mulberry Street as a class, created "imagination scopes," used them to observe our own street, and then wrote a class big book about it! I found this idea for imagination scopes from coffee cups and crayons. I just tweaked it to work for my class. 

     You can't celebrate Dr. Seuss without reading The Cat in the Hat!!! When I saw this idea for think 1 and thing 2 hair on Kinder Kapers, I knew it was perfect for my class! Check it out! 

    I tried to follow the directions from Kinder Kapers, but I was not quite sure on the measurements and I tweaked it a bit. My students wigs were each made from a 36 inch wide, 20 inch long piece of blue bulletin board paper.  I folded it in half length wise and drew a line with black marker 2 and a half  inches from the fold. I accordion folded the paper and drew blue lines along the folds, stopping at each blue line at the black line. (Students were directed to cut on the blue and stop on the black. I had no issues with my K5ers finishing up the wigs themselves!) 


We also did these adorable directed drawings from a freebie I found on Forever in First

Welcome to Wacky Wednesday! This was my first year using this book and we all loved it. I was inspired by a post I found on Teaching Twos and Threes

    Students had to search for all of the many things that were wacky in the classroom. Next year, I may have students find 20 wacky things in our classroom before they are allowed to fix anything that is wacky... this would go along with the book ending and incorporate math! 



     SNOW DAY AGAIN!!! What is going on with the weather? I guess I will be finishing up some Dr. Seuss activities, tackling St. Patrick's Day, and Think Link testing next week! 

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