Friday, March 13, 2015

St. Patrick's Day

     My K5ers started the week off by telling what they knew about St. Patrick's Day, which may have been nothing had we not been playing our "Kiss Me, I'm Irish" sight word game all month. One of my students schema quotes was, " People say, 'Kiss me, I'm Irish!'" If you haven't seen this game, be sure to click here so that you can watch the video.    

We did lot's of St. Patrick's Day reading. Fiction and nonfiction texts!

       This adorable, easy painting idea came from Crafty Morning! Click here to see Michelle's post. Thanks for this adorable idea Michelle!!

We used these playdoh mats for differentiated math review...

Of course, we did some shared writing! I loved my K5ers responses. My favorite response didn't make it to the board though....
Student: "Ms. Peden, is there enough gold in the pot for me to afford 16 wives? I might want that."
Bahahaha... enough gold for 16 wives? There could never be enough gold for that!!!

      To go along with The Night Before Saint Patrick's Day, I had students create leprechaun traps as a family project. The students went above and beyond my expectations! I was SO incredibly proud! I had never done this project before, and I found this great FREEBIE from Lindle's Little Learners on TPT that really helped. Click here to find her free parent letter, which includes a page of example pictures! 

We moved our chairs into a circle and each student was able to share their projects with the class. Students described how their projects worked as well as telling about the design progress. 

Loved that this student tied in a Bible verse! 

      The next day, we set up our traps around the classroom in hopes of catching a leprechaun. While were at lunch, a leprechaun visited our classroom, leaving messy glitter footprints all over the room! He was too clever to fall for our traps, but he did drop his pot of gold in the process of trying to escape. Golden necklaces and coins for all the K5ers! 

      To close our week we did some awesome directed drawing! A freebie I grabbed from First Grade Blue Skies. Thanks Ms. White for this adorable activity! 

I used these resources in my class this week. Click to find on TPT! 



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