Sunday, March 22, 2015

Teacher Tool Gift Exchange


     I am sure you have heard the Spring Teacher Blogger Meet Up buzz by now. Well let me tell you, it was a FUN weekend full of INSPIRATION! One of the neat things we did was a teacher tool gift exchange. We each brought a teacher tool to swap with another teacher at our grade level. (I brought erasable markers (Pilot Frixion Colors 12C SFC-120M12C (japan import)) that are great for anchor charts!) I loved just getting to see all of the different tools that people brought to the meet up. I got sooo many ideas for my classroom and I LOVED the dice and magnets I received from Michelle Gorman from Journey into TK

      I am on Spring Break (WOOHOO!!!), so I haven't gotten to use these cool dice yet, but I am planning on putting them in action as soon as I return. The possibilities are endless (numbers, blends, letters. sight words, coins, etc.). You can click the image below to find these cool dice on amazon! 
     Now,  hop on over to my friends' blogs to read about all of the other cool tools that were exchanged during this amazingly empowering weekend in French Lick! If you are a teacher blogger who attended the meet up, you can also link up below. 


  1. I am loving those write on dice! I bet your students will love them!

  2. Those dice look so fun!! You'll be able to use those for so many things! It was so great meeting you!!!
    Tickled Pink in Primary

  3. I have seen those dice in the store! So jealous! I can already think of a million ways to use them!

  4. Those are so awesome! I think I might have to find some of them!

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