Monday, November 24, 2014

A Week of Thanks - T is for Timing

     I am linking up this week with Blog Hoppin' for a week of thanks. I have so much to be thankful for, so this is probably one of the easiest linky parties I could ever participate in! Each day I am going to be blogging about something I am thankful for to spell out the word THANKS.

     Today, I am giving thanks for God's perfect TIMING!!! My 8 year old laptop has been on its last leg for a while surprise there. It has a total of three holes in the casing of the actual laptop and ALWAYS sounds like a rocket ship. I think that says enough. Last night, my laptop officially died on me... as soon as I was finished uploading my freebie and blog post! I was so thankful to be at a stopping point and not in the middle of a huge project!  I am also thankful that last week, my grandparents called and insisted on helping me purchase a new macbook... so I ordered a brand new computer last week, not knowing when my laptop was going to give out. My new computer was expected to come in sometime in early December, but I got a text from Apple TODAY saying that I could come pick up my new macbook! Perfect timing!  

     I have to admit that when I think about God's timing, I usually have an underlying sense of frustration. Even though I know the truth that God is working all things for my good (Rom. 8:28), I struggle with trusting Him completely. Because I am selfish and I cannot see God's perfect plan, I am often frustrated that things aren't happening in MY timing. Lately, I have struggled with this ALOT. Today I felt as if God was sending me a gentle reminder that he is working things out for my good. I have a God who cares about the small details, He definitely has a GOOD plan for my future. 

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