Friday, November 14, 2014

Five for Friday

     I'm linking up once again with Doodle Bugs Teaching for Five for Friday! This week I'm sharing something fun from each day of our school week. 

   Monday: NEW THANKSGIVING CENTERS! I just LOVE the holidays and these centers received instant approval from my K5ers. As always, I was introducing new center activities in my whole group and small group teaching last week so the K5ers would be ready to divide and conquer independently this week! Here are some highlights! 

As always, another key to success was having lots of opportunities for differentiation! You can check the centers out by clicking the picture below!  Enter to win it FREE by clicking here

   Tuesday: This week we were reviewing letter Cc and we received a visit from my "twin sister," Cathy Cook! (Cathy Cook is the Frog Street Press letter character for Cc.) When I introduce this character, I always tell my students that she is my twin sister. On Tuesday, I had to "leave" for a "Dr.'s appointment." I told my students that my sister would be substituting for me, but she was running late. I made a quick wardrobe change and returned. As always, I played it up and pretended not to know their names, where the materials were, etc. Normally I bring cookie dough and bake c shaped cooking with the K5ers. This year, I had students decorated cooking by writing letter c in icing. 

       Parents came by to pick up report cards on Thurday, and one of my parents made my day by telling me that all three of her students (3rd grade, 2nd grade, and K5) have not stopped talking/singing about "some cook person" all week. I love making memories with learning that sticks! I mean if they are still talking about it in the the 3rd grade... 

   Wednesday: When I told my K5ers that it was time to wrap up our day, a student blurted, "Ms. Peden, please, please don't make us leave!!! We didn't even get to do writer's workshop!" Kiddos who would rather stay at school and "work" than go home and play... that is enough to make my day any day. Fun learning that creates independent, life-long learners... that's the goal y'all! 

Thursday: We had a special visiter in our classroom today! We were hard at work on our Thanksgiving nonfiction writing when a student shouted, "Spider!" I frantically leapt for our "Kiss Your Brain" jar, dumped the Hershey Kisses onto my desk, and scooped it up just in time! We dropped our writing and convened on the mat, where my students instantly began trying to ID the spider. I pulled the nonfiction "Spider Types" book and pocket chart strips from our spider unit to help. As the students examined the spider, we sorted the pocket chart strips into two piles - gradually ruling out different spider types. This was great practice for students in explaining their reasoning and citing evidence.

Thankfully, my roommate from college works for a Pest Control Company. We called her up, sent her a few texts, and she was able to confirm that our spider friend was a Hobo Spider! Thanks for being the best, Morgan! Why does the spider never show up on Spider Day?!?!?! 

Click below to find the spider resources that we used: 

Friday: Today is our Honors Program Celebration for the 2nd 6 weeks! After work, I am headed to my second job (part time in retail)... so I'll be out of the house from 6:30 - 10:00. After work, I'm heading straight home to pack up for my trip to the Kindergarten Conference in Franklin, TN next week! Happy Friday y'all! 

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  1. So awesome to hear how excited your kiddos are about school! Cheers to you as I truly believe their enthusiasm has a direct correlation to the classroom environment you have created. :) And I love how you stopped your Thanksgiving lesson to explore and talk about spiders. I'm sure the kiddos were so engaged. Thanks so much for sharing!

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