Monday, November 24, 2014

Turkey Craftivity Guest Blog with Justine

Hi Friends!!

     I am so happy to be guest blogging with Emily today! I met her at the Kindergarten Conference in Nashville last week and she is so sweet! I am so glad we were able to connect!! :) My name is Justine and I am sharing a Turkey Craftivity with you all today. Please bear with me as this post may get kind of lengthy but I want to make sure you fully understand! This is what you will be making with me today:

The materials you will need are:
2 heads per child
2 wings per child - can be omitted if desired
2 beaks per child - yellow
8 feathers per child - multicolor
1snood and 1 wattle per child - red 
2 moccasins per child - any color
2 legs per child - long strips of orange construction paper folded accordion style
1 large brown grocery sack per child
Scrap newspaper for filling the bag
(See patterns for head, beak, feathers, wattle, and moccasins at the bottom of this post!) 

First, take the large brown grocery sack, turn the bag over, and on the "flap" (the bottom of the bag if you were to open it) draw lines with a marker where you want the children to place the feathers.

The kinds will glue their feathers facing away from the bag on the line. It should look similar to this: 

Yep, we lost the green feather when a friend stepped on it! Oopsie! Anyhow, when the feather are dry open your bag up and stuff it with the newspaper. I let my kids ball it up themselves and put it in! They loved it. Don't fill all the way to the top because you will need to be able to gather the top of the bag and staple the head to it. Note: when the kids are decorating their turkey's head they will have two. Only glue the top part of the head together so you can overlap the bottom "neck" portion on the paper bag and staple it. The kids will be able to glue the beak and wattle pieces onto the turkey themselves. :) 

     Now, the tricky part.... the moccasins. Here are the directions:
Cut out the small piece first. Only cut on the solid black line. The dotted lines are for folding. You will fold the side flaps on the dotted lines. Wrap the ends around the back of the moccasin and staple. Fold all cut sections in the front onto each other to form the "toe" of the moccasin and staple. 

This is what it should look like before you wrap the ends around the back...

Clear as mud?
Don't fret. It took me SEVERAL attempts to get those silly shoes made right. The turkeys will look just as adorable if you make little feet and glue them to the legs instead.
If you need any help please let me know!!! My email is 

Here are the patterns!

Head Pattern: 

Beak, Feather, Wattle Pattern

Wing Pattern:

Moccasin Pattern: 
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