Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Book Talk Tuesday: Monster Book with a Snack!


      It's Book Talk Tuesday once again, and this time I am sharing the book that we are reading in class TODAY, Monsters Eat Whiny Children, and the activity that we are doing with it!! My sister shared this book with me a few years ago and it has always been a favorite with the students in my classroom. The book is about a brother and sister who are warned that monsters eat whiny children. Unfortunately, the children do not listen and are kidnapped by some monsters who turn out to be very whiny themselves. The book is excellent for discussing emotions and behavior! 

     In the end of the story, the monsters have finally decided to make whiny child cucumber sandwiches. When they reach the decision, however, they find that the brother and sister have escaped and are forced to settle for regular cucumber sandwiches. After reading this story my kiddos enjoyed making their own whiny child cucumber sandwiches! We ALL wanted to try the sandwich with a whiny child on it, but "unfortunately" we didn't have any in our classroom! :) 

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