Friday, October 3, 2014

five for FRIDAY


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K5ers are always interesting. This is a gift brought to me by one of my littles this morning. She was extremely proud to give me this "airplane made out of glue."  You never know, she may have spent a long time gluing this airplane together in a certain way for me. So of course, I acted very appreciative. 

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We started off our morning reviewing this week's sight words with this awesome spinner I found! 

Click the pic to find the spinner on Amazon. 

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Today was the final day of our community helpers unit. My kiddos are very sad to see our literacy and math center activities change. (No worries, they won't be sad once they see what I have planned for pumpkin week!!!) I cut apart the pocket chart strips and had my students use beginning sound cues to match the titles to the correct community helpers.

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Our community helper focus for the day was firefighters. Of course we learned all about fire safety, fire trucks, etc.

Every year Firehouse Subs is so kind and donates enough of their firefighter hats for every child in my class to take one home! Makes for a great Friday treat! 

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We finished the day by reading one of my FAVORITE firefighter books! Just click the pic to find it on amazon!


  1. Those magnetic spinners are AMAZING!!! I have never seen anything like that before! Your kiddos must LOVE it! Looks like I'm going to be making an Amazon purchase soon!!! Glad I found your blog on the link-up!!