Friday, October 24, 2014

Five for Friday!

This week has been FULL of excitement for myself and my kiddos! SO hard to find just five things to post! 

    BIG NEWS! I received a new student in my classroom who has NEVER been to school before. This is a MAJOR change. Eleven of my now 13 students went to K4 and started school this year already reading! My new student has not yet learned his colors. We do not have any pull out programs at my school, we do not have any specials, and I do not have an aide. I am solely responsible for my kiddos from 7 to 3. I could really use some tips for differentiation and management here y'all!!

I am absolutely LOVING my teacher table activities this week. My students have been working on phoneme segmentation with these adorable treat baskets! 

     We have also been working on counting words in sentences and recognizing that words are separated by spaces in print. I created this spider activity to help out with this! 

     Originally, I created this for independent use during literacy center time, but I pulled it into my small group instruction as a part of intervention. This student was echo reading the sentences and practicing tracking text at the same time! This was a huge help for her because she is struggling with tracking from left to right, a common problem in my classroom since many of my students come from Arabic speaking families! 

     We finished working in our AMAZING spider centers for literacy and math! These were a hit and so helpful with some of the skills my students really needed extra hep with! 

     Every year I throw a surprise "Spider Day" for my students that is ALWAYS a hit! Everything we do on this day is 100% spider themed. We study spiders, create spider crafts, and wrap the day up at Miss Spider's Tea Party.  I will be posting more about this shortly, but here is a sneak peek at what our day was like this year! 

     We have already started gearing up with Halloween centers. These centers will be wrapped up at the end of next week! 

Check them out! 


  1. Great post with tons of cute ideas. Thanks for sharing!

  2. You are very welcome! Thanks for stopping by!

  3. I liked hearing about your one day of spiders. I've thinking about doing that with one day of bats. I'll be interested in your next post about it. See you around. Kathleen
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