Monday, October 27, 2014

Spider Sandwiches

     I just had to stop and share this NASTY book that kept my kiddos rolling last week! Spider Sandwiches by Claire Freedman (author of Dinosaurs Love Underpants)  is a book about a monster named Max who eats the grossest things you have heard of. SERIOUSLY. Cock roach chowder. Toe nail soup. It doesn't get grosser than that! 

    This book contains lots of rhyming words and is perfect for the Halloween season, especially if you teach a monster unit! After reading with my kiddos we had a simple snack to go along with it! Worms in mud. I nixed the typical Oreo crumbles and kept it simple to save me time and money. Nothing wrong with doing things the easy way y'all. My kiddos LOVED it! Some of them were a little bit skeptical... they couldn't decide if I was actually feeding them real mud or not!

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