Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Skeleton Book, Snack, and Freebie!

     I'm linking up once again for Book Talk Tuesday! And yes, I have been doing a lot of class snacks lately. I don't know what got into me?!?! But this one was so easy I couldn't resist! Yesterday, my students read both Dem Bones, an excellent sing along, and Skeleton Hiccups. These are great books to incorporate when teaching your students about the skeletal system. 

      The Skeleton Inside You  is another favorite of mine for teaching about the skeletal system, but we haven't had time to fit this one into our busy schedule yet. 

     We DID take the time to learn the Dr. Jean song Macarena Bones. I have a feeling my kids are going to be saying "Kiss Your Cranium" for a while! They were crazy about that part! Such a fun song to get kids moving and learning at the same time. I also found an idea for teaching the importance of the skeletal system from acuppaformomma and decided to try it with my class! I used a rubber glove to illustrate what our hands would be like with no bones - floppy, impossible to raise, and not very useful!

     Next, we inserted a flexi straw into each finger of the glove! We observed how we could now raise the hand and discussed how the straws gave it "structure." We bent the straws and talked about how our joints allow us to bend and move in different ways! 

We finished with a simple snack - Cheetos Bag of Bones! The K5ers loved putting together the skeleton! 

Here is a freebie you can tie in as well - just click on the pic to find it in my TPT shop! Thanks for stopping by!

Skeleton Puzzles FREEBIE

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