Friday, October 10, 2014

Five for Friday :)

      This week I was on Fall Break! Thank you Jesus! I got a much needed break and I got to start it off right by visiting my cousin and brothers in Auburn. I got to see AU beat LSU and spent the weekend with my three best friends! It just doesn't get better than that y'all!  

It's GREAT to be an Auburn Tiger!!! 

During the week I got back to work on some centers for my classroom! I created these adorable, versatile counting mats to go with my Pumpkin centers. Students model the number on the mat by placing pumpkins on the vine. These mats can be used for whole group morning work, small groups, center activities, even for assessment! As shown below, you can use them with playdoh, pompoms, or erasers. Students could also draw pumpkins with a dry erase marker... really, the sky is the limit! 

        While working on my pumpkin centers and lesson plans for next week, I came up with an idea for a science center. Students could order pumpkins on a vine to show the life cycle of a pumpkin. Afterwards, students could create a mini version using a b&w printable, crayons, glue, and green yarn. So fun! Since I'm in Alabama visiting my parents I thought I'd be putting these activities together when I got back to Memphis. WRONG! Y'all my momma is so cool, she had green bulletin board paper, crayons, glue, and green yarn all just lying around the house!!!! You-know-your-mom-used-to -teach-when... moment! 

I made a set of black and white pumpkins to print on color card stock.... but orange card stock was the one thing we were missing, so I went ahead and printed them in color! 

I also got to work on my spider centers and activities! Y'all Spider Day in my classroom... FAVORITE DAY OF THE YEAR - CAN'T WAIT!!! 

Gilmore Girls Netflix Marathon! All day - everyday! Need I say more?? 


  1. Love your centers - they look so cute!! And, I have to say, I was super happy AU beat LSU last weekend :) I'm a VOL, but have great friends from Auburn. Happy Friday! :)

    First Grade Fairytales

  2. Another Auburn girl here! So funny your mom had all those supplies just laying around!

    Learning at the Teacher Table

  3. War Eagle Ya'll! My brother-in-law is a UT grad!