Thursday, October 23, 2014

Halloween Phoneme Segmentation

     I've been having lots of fun with my K5ers during our literacy centers. At the teacher table, I have been doing small group instruction for phoneme segmentation. As you know, this is a very important phonemic awareness skill that sets students up for becoming successful readers and writers! I have been using sound boxes, a research based method for teaching phoneme segmentation, since I was student teaching.  When I started, I simply drew boxes on index cards with a Sharpie, laminated them, and used them with counters. Since I am working with phoneme segmentation with my students now, I created this cuter version as a part of my Trick or Treat CCSS Math and Literacy Centers

  After using these in centers, I came across these adorable mini treat buckets at Target - 6 for $1. Get out - $1 -  that is VALUE, folks! Snatched them up and started using them instead. Students drop treats into the buckets as they segment the sounds in words. I already had these jack-o-lantern erasers on hand, so we used them. Plus, using candy might be more distracting than helpful. 


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