Monday, September 1, 2014


     I am linking up with Farley for September's currently post. Thanks Farley for putting these together each month! SO cute!

Listening - Y'all, for real, I get to see THE AVETT BROTHERS this month! So PUMPED! 

Loving - My sweet baby girl, Deeohgee. She is such a blessing and I LOVE being her momma! As I am writing this she is curled up on my lap trying to get some rest. 

Thinking - about all the FUN FUN FUN we are going to be having tomorrow during math centers! I whipped up some brand new hands on centers for numbers 0-10 this weekend. My kiddos are going to think these are a blast. Toy cars and play foam fun! 

Wanting - Contraptions! A facebook friend posted a video today of her grandson playing with these at home! Now i am just dying to get some for my classroom. I just love science toys! To buy or not to buy? Anyone have these at school??? 

Needing - more of HIM and less of me! It is ALWAYS what I need, even when I am too blind to see it.

3 Trips -

1. NEW ZEALAND -LORD OF THE RINGS - NEED I SAY MORE!?!?!?! Also, its beautiful there. The Squeeze. Not to mention, one of my BFFs lives there and he is pretty cool.

2. India - Childhood dream. Elephants. AMAZING FOOD!

3. Vegas - I have always wanted to go to Vegas just to see Vegas, but y'all, it is my absolute DREAM to go to I Teach K and the TPT conference. Please - somebody - give me some suggestions on how to make this happen!


  1. Hi there! I haven't seen Contraptions before, but then again, I haven't taught Science for awhile. I will have to check it out. Anything hands-on is always great!

    Deeohgee is absolutely adorable! I think my cats are bigger than her though! lol

    I hope your September gets off to a great start!

    1. Most cats are! And thanks... hope yours is going well too!

  2. Hi there! Nice to meet you in the linky party, I love connecting with other kinder teachers! Your math center sounds super fun. Toy cars would be a hit! Did you create it?
    Hope your back to school is going well!

    1. I sure did and I picked up some cute cars for cheap cheap at Walmart! I'll be posting about the centers this afternoon!

  3. I have New Zealand on my Currently list too! have a friend there? Then go now!! And your little dog looks adorable! And I think you should make the TpT conference happen! I was there this summer and at the I Teach K as well {this was my second I Teach K and I want to go back for more... you learn so much!} What types of suggestions do you need - just do it! Talk to your principal about maybe helping to cover the cost of the I Teach K part? Email me if you want more info because I think every K teacher should go!

    Crayons and Whimsy