Thursday, September 11, 2014

Highlights from Today

    Is that full moon still messing with your kids? Because mine are still a little crazy today. Thankfully, we have survived and we still managed some really great moments in all the chaos. Today was our first day of writing in writer's workshop. My kids were pumped. They have been asking every single day when they were going to get to start their books! I began writers workshop by reviewing the inside of the writing offices that we made earlier. We then read Carl Goes Shopping by Alexandria Day.  The books is perfect for the early days of writer's workshop because it is predominately told through illustrations, with only a small amount of text on the first and last page. It was easy for my K5ers to follow along and understand and it went perfectly with our pet unit! I use my personal copy from when I was a kid. I absolutely LOVED looking at this book. 

After the story we quickly reviewed procedures for writing workshop and began with a quiet 10. Y'all coolest thing ever - they went dead silent - for the WHOLE ten minutes and started thinking about their writing.
Y'all this is what K thinking looks like! They were working so hard! 

I started getting nervous that mass chaos would break out as soon as the timer went off - I mean we were recovering from a full moon - but surprisingly NO! Very quiet whispers started off gradually and it was definitely hilarious to hear some of the things they were saying. 

" I got an idea, I got it. Its gonna be so good y'all. I got a plan! I got a plan!" One little girl kept saying this to herself over and over.

"What are you writing about? I writing about a princess and a prince who got weave in his hair!" Something tells me this might be a good one! 

Take a peak at some of our work! Can't wait to start listening to their stories! And yes, I write during our workshop time too! I show the students how far I've come with my book at closing time. I am hoping this will encourage them to take as much time as they like, instead of rushing to finish in one day!

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