Monday, September 29, 2014

Tips and Tricks : Desk Tags

     Y'all, I seriously could not wait to share this with you! For the past three years I have struggled with keeping my students' names attached to their spot on our tables. I used clear contact paper and my kiddos would play with the tags and eventually pull the contact paper up. It took some students only half a week before I needed to replace their name tags! Using contact paper was COSTLY and TIME CONSUMING. It also was NOT conducive for frequently changing student seats during the year. The solution is so simple: Velcro. I have no idea why it took me until now to come up with this?!?!?! 

      I piloted this with one student's name tag and eventually progressed to the whole class. We have been using the same name tags for a few weeks now and it has been no problem! My students don't even play with the tags or the velcro. The only thing I haven't tried yet is removing the velcro from the tables. Hopefully the velcro strips will come off if the need arises! 

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