Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Math Centers for Numbers 0-10

      I spent the long weekend whipping up some way fun math centers for my K5ers. They were a huge hit today so I wanted to go ahead and share them with you along with some tips for making them work in your classroom!

Numerals Tracing Mats and 10 Frame Parking Garages    

     The vehicle themed center was definitely my kids favorites! Picked up the cars for cheap cheap from Walmart this weekend. (Have the kiddos trace with a dry erase marker after using the vehicle.)

 Show Me the Number mats! 


        I put all of the supplies students need for these centers in large zip lock bags. ( 2 part Show Me mats, ten counting bears, ten linking cubes, ten counters, ten tiles, ten base 10 units, 1 base 10 rod, dry erase marker, 1 die, 1 dry erase marker.)

      When it is time to change out the center materials I will put students in charge of sorting the items out of the bags and returning them to their regular places. 

     Play dough / play foam mats for numbers 0-10! 

     Learned something today! While I LOVE LOVE LOVE playfoam -  I do NOT love the off brand! This was messy and made the kids hands sticky. We will switch back to playdoh or the playfoam brand tomorrow! 

0-10 Puzzles 

     These puzzles could be tricky if your students haven't had much practice with puzzles before. Make sure you demo them before you put them into your centers! My kids worked hard at these  - I was very proud! 

If you are interested in these center activities you can find them in my TPT shop by clicking the picture below! They are currently DISCOUNTED in my shop AND I am already working on adding to this set! 

Also, if you are curious about the playfoam... I ordered mine from Amazon and THIS brand really is the BEST! Never dries out,  doesn't come apart, and doesn't stick to you! When my playdoh dries out I just refill the containers with this stuff! 

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