Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Math Procedures and More!

    Wanted to show you a quick video of my cute K5ers preparing to learn in math class. We usually begin math this way each day! 

     I recently posted about introducing and modeling center activities for your students. I wanted to show you some more examples of this from my lesson today! We began math today by reviewing the ways to make 6. As we reviewed, students were exposed to a math center that they will be working with in the future. Because we are not using this center this week, I did not actually give the full center instructions for this activity. 


     Today we introduced number 7 and worked with different ways to show 7. To wrap it up, students got to come to my desk and model 7 using our Show Me 7 mats that they have used in centers before and will be using again in center time tomorrow. We were using the document camera and project, so the entire class counted with the student as they put down the objects.  This was a simple way to check to make sure students would remember what to do at this center when they work with it again this week! 

   Unfortunately, we were unable to hold our Writer's Workshop today because my teacher bestie had to take her son to the doctor and left her K4 babies with me. 

Two words for this: ADORABLE CHAOS. Praise the Lord for those people who made Go Noodle!!!! 

No, the babies actually did pretty well! They made it through an entire reading lesson. Before reading our informational text about dogs, I asked the students to share any information that they knew about dogs. Got to LOVE these K4 responses:
"They go Woof Woof."
"Sometimes they go Meow." 
"They poop. They poop BIG." 

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