Monday, September 1, 2014

O Fun!

    I use the Frog Street Press big book and song Ollie the Octopus to introduce letter Oo to my students each year. The song is about octopus stew,  so each year I bring octopus stew made from hot dogs, green spaghetti noodles (from veggie spaghetti packs), and goldfish to class. You slice the end of the hot dog to make tentacles and boil them so that they curl up. This year I decided to go the tastier, less time consuming route. I made Octopus Stew with green apple twizzlers and sour gummi octopi for a change. You could even add peach Os or fruit loops, but I didn't think of that in time!

This year we also stamped the letter O with pool noodles and orange paint of course! Check this chick out, gotta love that hand on her hip! 

Here is the link to the CD with the Octopus Stew song, in case you are interested!

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