Sunday, September 14, 2014

Friday Fun! V is for Veterinarian!

       Boy do I love my K5ers. Here is some PROOF that Kindergarten and I are meant for each other. When asking my students to list different kinds of pets last Friday, all of them began with, "You could have a itty bitty, tiny, tiny, sweet little baby _______." Kitty, lizard, parrot, yorkie - you name it - but it has to be a tiny, tiny, sweet little baby one! And of course, after each baby animal was named, the whole class let out a big "Awwwwww."

     We continued our study of pets on Friday as we introduced the letter V. V as in Veterinarian! (Not to be confused with Vegetarian or Vegetararian, as some of my students seemed to struggle with. No, I do not know what a Vegeterarian is.) Check it out!

    We also watched one of my favorite movies on Friday - in place of our regular recess, nap, and snack time. I can assure you there were lots of "Awwwwww"s going on. 

    Now I have to get off the computer and get back to finalizing my plans for the week! Thankfully, I have finished our math centers for the next few weeks! You can check them out here - on sale until tomorrow! If you purchase this product, please leave me some meaningful feedback! Click any image below.

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