Sunday, September 7, 2014

Friday Fun...

I just had to share some of the fun we had last Friday! 

I just loved how one of my K5ers drew P is for Miss Peden!!!! 

We found a lizard and decided to check it out for a bit! 

Favorite quotes from Friday: 
"Miss Peden, I get it. Rhyming words are words that start with the same ending sound!"
Holding a worm- " Is this a sinnerpee? "
"Miss Peden, did you know that after dinosaurs go insane they turn into fossils!?!?"
During explanation of fossils I'm interrupted by another student - speaking very matter of factly - "Oh just like that lady from the Bible. They told her don't look, but she didn't listen so she turned into dirt." Ummm, no, not exactly. 

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